Eastern Wishes Collection

October 16, 2018

The new Eastern Wishes Charm Collection combines ancient symbols with on trend designs to create pendants and bracelets with history and meaning. Channel the perfect energy for your personality or give a gift to someone who needs a special message.

Read on to find out the meanings behind the charms.


The Evil Eye

Famed throughout the world as a look or stare intended to bring harm and curse the receiver. Wearing the Evil Eye charm is believed to protect against this negative energy and give wisdom and strength to the owner.

Available in both a pendant and bracelet you can adorn yourself with this mystical talisman to keep bad forces away and look sparkling and stylish at the same time.

The Hamsa Hand

Recognised in many traditions as a powerful symbol of protection for the wearer. It protects against the Evil Eye and other dangers and brings happiness, luck and good fortune.

Wear around your neck or on your wrist to invite health and prosperity to you, or send to a loved one to protect them and bring them success.


Charm Bracelets

The Magic Lamp

This cute little lamp charm is inspired by the tales of Aladdin and the Arabian Nights and might just make all your wishes come true. Give to a friend to show your support, or as a reminder to chase your dreams and to bring yourself luck.

The Palm

In nature the palm tree flourishes and thrives despite being found in sandy, dry environments, growing tall and strong despite the challenges of the climate. Therefore what better symbol of vitality and prosperity than this golden emblem of the Palm, surrounded by dazzling crystals on a beaded bracelet.

The Hookah

The Hookah, or Shisha pipe as it’s also known, is traditionally synonymous with Arabian aristocracy and luxury. It is meant to indicate leisure, relaxation and taking time for oneself. Worn as a reminder to slow down and take in life’s little pleasures.

The Camel

Our adorable Camel charm represents a guide for you on your personal life’s journey. He will transport you where you wish to go if you point him in the right direction. Keep him with you on your wrist as you follow your dreams and tread your own path.

Find jewellery with meaning and a charm for everyone in the full Be Charmed Collection.



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