Kate Middleton Engagement Ring

September 4, 2019

Our Royal Ring Collection features replicas of the iconic engagement rings inspired by the leading ladies of the British Monarchy.  See the full collection here.

The engagement ring of Kate Middleton, or (Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge as she is officially known), is one of the most iconic rings of all time. Famous for belonging to her late mother in law Diana, Princess of Wales, the ring was gifted to Kate by Prince William when he proposed in November 2010.

The instantly recognisable engagement ring consists of a twelve carat oval blue Ceylon sapphire, surrounded by a halo of fourteen solitaire diamonds in a platinum band. Rather surprisingly the ring was not custom made but was selected from a catalogue by Diana.

It was originally given to Princess Diana by Prince Charles in 1981 costing £28 000. It is now said to be worth an estimated value of £300 000.

Buckley London Catherine Ring £22.50

The Buckley London Catherine Ring, contains a delightful hand set sapphire simulant as its centrepiece exquisitely framed by up to 14 pristine hand set cubic zirconias. The Catherine Ring also has matching earrings and pendant to complete the look.

See the full Royal Ring Collection.

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