Make a Wish for 2020

January 6, 2020

The Wish Bracelet Collection

Our Wish Collection features fun and fresh stackable bracelets each of which has it’s own spiritual, symbolic and sentimental meaning.

Each bracelet is plated with silver and features beautiful, dainty charms making them perfect to wear alone or add to your wrist stack. 

Read on to find out the meanings behind each design…

  • Hamsa Hand Wish Bracelet

Send a little wish of happiness, peace and protection with this Hamsa Hand and Turquoise bracelet. The ancient symbol combined with the semi precious stone acts as a powerful talisman to protect and calm.

  • Dreamcatcher Wish Bracelet

The Dreamcatcher bracelet, offers good luck, balance and protection from negative energy. The symbolic charm features a geometric pattern with a crystal centre to balance energy and keep the wearer open to positive influences.

  • Feather Wish Bracelet

The two-tone Feather Wish bracelet, represents freedom and new beginnings. A powerful affirmation for the New Year or any time you wish to make a change in life. The rose gold tone charm is suspended from a silver-plated and rose gold tone beaded stretch bracelet, with an added starburst crystal tag.

  • Heart Duo Wish Bracelet

This simple and stunning two-tone heart duo bracelet is a beautiful reminder to embrace the love and joy in your life. A meaningful gift for a loved one, or a symbolic statement for yourself.

  • Tassel Wish Bracelet

Send all the good vibes with this tassel charm bracelet, representing positive well-being and protection from negative energy. Three silver-plated charms, a star, tassel and evil eye, featuring sparkling crystals and semi-precious turquoise means the wearer should feel energised and protected.

  • Crystal Heart Wish Bracelet

The silver-plated charm on the Crystal Heart bracelet is adorned with starburst crystals representing love, joy and confidence. Wear your heart on your wrist with this sparkly reminder of the important things in life.

  • Moon and Star Wish Bracelet

The moon and star symbols are synonymous with guidance, balance and new beginnings. The calming moon and sparkling star help you on your journey into a fresh start and exciting times ahead.

  • Rose Heart Wish Bracelet

This cute and delicate bracelet represents the timeless symbol of love. The rose gold tone charm is decorated with a crystal centre and sits alongside a silver-plated and rose gold tone stretch bracelet. The perfect choice for someone who likes minimal jewellery, or for stacking up with other styles.

  • Sparkle Heart Wish Bracelet

Send yourself a little wish with this sparkle heart bracelet, representing happiness and fulfilment. The perfect reminder to focus on self love, acceptance and success for yourself.

  • Multi Charm Wish Bracelet

All areas of your life are covered in the Multi Charm bracelet, representing peace, guidance, confidence and new beginnings. A Hamsa hand, Moon, Star and Sunburst plated in silver and rose gold tones are decorated with a crystal centre and are presented on this sleek stretch bracelet. Perfect for gifting or stacking.

Which bracelet would you choose to represent your aspirations for the New Year?

All our Wish bracelets are part of the 3 for 2 promotion so you can gift for loved ones and get a free gift for yourself!

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