The Buckley London Russian Trio Collection boasts many beautiful pieces that are inspired by the classic Russian wedding ring. Showcasing three different styles wrapped amongst one another, the Russian Trio design is both timeless and innovative, and is sure to add the final touch of glamour to any outfit.

The combination of three precious metals – yellow, rose and white gold – was first seen in 19th century Russian wedding culture. The interlocked bands have remained within the tradition over the years, and now, as displayed by our very own collection, have emerged into the world of fashion jewellery, too.

But what does the symbol of the Russian Trio mean? What does the beautiful design actually represent? We’ve uncovered a handful of explanations, providing you with a poignant story to complement your stunning Russian Trio jewellery…

The Holy Trinity

The most popular of stories explaining the Russian Trio is that of Christian symbolism. The three bands are said to signify the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, culminating into an interlocked band of the Holy Trinity. Wearing the ring on your wedding finger – which is interestingly on the right hand in Russian tradition – blesses the marriage.

Illustration of Marriage

Another explanation of the design is that each gold reflects a different aspect of marriage. Yellow gold, the sturdiest of the metals, represents the strength that is required in a successful union. White gold, which is the softer metal, symbolises flexibility; a couple must be able to compromise and adapt in order to work well together. Finally, rose gold signifies the rarity and unique beauty of true love.

Enduring Love

Our final and favourite tale behind the Russian Trio is beautifully simple: the three bands represent an enduring love, “For then, For now, Forever.”

We think you’ll agree that each of these stories adds a sense of romance and deeper meaning to the design, making for jewellery that looks stunning while being significant, too. Which is your favourite?

For your very own Russian Trio piece, take a look at the Buckley London Russian Trio Collection. Along the traditional gold, white and rose rolling rings, we also have a gorgeous range of bangles, russian ring necklaces, pendants and earrings.

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