Sarah Ferguson Engagement Ring

September 4, 2019

Our Royal Ring Collection features replicas of the iconic engagement rings inspired by the leading ladies of the British Monarchy.  See the full collection here.

Sarah Ferguson’s unusual engagement ring is still one of the most famous Royal rings of all time. Despite divorcing Prince Andrew in 1996 the couple remain close and Sarah, (playfully referred to on occasion as Fergie), has worn the ring to events since the pair’s split.

Prince Andrew proposed to Sarah Ferguson in 1986 after a whirlwind romance. He designed the engagement ring himself which features a large ruby surrounded by ten diamonds, forming a beautiful flower pattern on a yellow gold band.

The ring reportedly cost £25 000 at the time but since then the value of the ring is up to £70 000.

Buckley London Sarah Ring £25

The Buckley London Sarah Ring is closely inspired by the one designed for Sarah Ferguson, with a flawless ruby coloured centre stone and gold-plated band. This floral shaped ring is presented in a special edition Royal Ring box for £25.

Buckley London Sarah Ring

See the full Royal Ring Collection.

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