Throughout history, jewellery has served a number of purposes, whether that be as a token of love, a sign of status, a symbol of community or simply a means of fixing an outfit. Crafting methods such as weaving, beading and carving and natural materials including gems, coins and shells have allowed those from all walks of life to adorn themselves. Of course, when it comes to the most precious of jewels and metals, only the wealthy can indulge.

We’ve taken a look at the most expensive jewellery in the world, a collection that includes prized possessions of the monarchy, a gift to a Hollywood starlet and the emblem of the world’s premier jeweller. As well as selecting some replica designs that radiate the elegance and glamour of the famous jewels.

Kate Middleton Replica Ring

The sapphire engagement ring first worn by Princess Diana in 1981 is truly a thing of beauty, and is understandably one of the world’s most famous jewellery pieces. The 12 carat oval cut sapphire is surrounded by 14 diamonds, set upon an 18k white gold band. At the time of purchasing it cos Prince Charles a very reasonable £28,000, but is now valued at around £400,000. The stunning ring was given a new life when HRH Prince William propsosed to Kate Middleton in Kenya with it in 2010, sending golbal sapphire sales soaring. A jewel that’s certainly fit for a princess, however you can own a replica design inspired by the ring but without the millionaire price tag. The Buckley London Royal Celebration Ring priced as £22.50 ($32) contains a delightful hand set sapphire simulant as its centrepiece exquisitely framed by up to 14 pristine hand set cubic zirconias.

At 3,106 metric carats, the illustrious Cullinan Diamond remains the largest diamond ever found. Uncovered in the Premier Mine, South Africa, in 1905, it was named after chairman Thomas Cullinan and then presented to King Edward VII as a token of allegiance. The Cullinan Diamond was cut, ground and polished into over 100 pieces, nine of which belong to the British royals. One of the most well-known pieces is the brooch that consists of Cullinan III and IV; with a combined total of 158 carats, it’s considered priceless, though it has been estimated to be worth anything from £78 million. 

In 1969 Richard Burton treated one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, Elizabeth Taylor, to an astonishing necklace, featuring the historic pear-shaped pearl ‘La Peregrina’. The piece also dazzles with an array of rubies and diamonds, and is unquestionably one of the most sumptuous pieces of jewellery to have ever been crafted. and was snatched up in 2011 for £7.6 million.

The Tiffany Yellow Diamond is one of the largest of its kind, weighing in at over 287 carats in the rough. New York jeweller Charles Tiffany purchased the stone for $18,000 in 1878, and his chief gemologist George Frederick Kunz cut it down to enhance its natural beauty and sparkle. Widely considered the icon of the Tiffany brand, the diamond has experienced three different settings; the current is Jean Schlumberger’s ‘Bird on a Rock’, which features a pave diamond bird with a ruby eye, mounted in platinum and 18 carat gold. 

Few people are unfamiliar with the stunning necklace that featured in the 1997 blockbuster Titanic, but did you know that the fictional jewel was inspired by the very real Hope Diamond? The 45 carat diamond is described as the most famous in the world, revered for is unique colouring and rumoured to be cursed. Presumed to be from the Kollur mine in India, the Hope Diamond spent time in the hands of the French monarchy before making its way to the UK. It is now worth around $350 million. 

In 2018 Meghan Markle’s Engagement Ring was a huge talking point. The trilohgy ring was designed by HRH Prince Harry, fashioned from Welsh gold and featured a centre-stone diamond from Botswana. Buckley London crafted a near identical replica of Meghan’s ring, featuring an emerald cut cubic zirconia centre stone between two sparkling brilliant cut surrounding stones on a yellow gold plated band.

Meghan Markle Ring

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