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XO♥ are instantly recognisable icons of love and friendship that have been translated into this striking bracelet and necklace collection. Representing love, hugs and kisses, ‘X O ♥‘ are popular symbols often used in the digital world to sign off messages to loved ones and friends. Each bracelet and necklace in the collection is made from eye-catching woven mesh in a choice of metallic rose gold, gold, silver and hematite tone, and decorated with a kiss X, hug 0 or heart ♥ hug charm set with pristine crystals. Worn alone or boldly stacked, XO♥ bracelets and necklaces can be mixed and matched to create your own personal style.

Part of our 3 for 2 bracelet collection, view the full range here

All XO♥ necklace purchases receive a free matching bracelet

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