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ABC Trust

The Kyasira Home of Hope

The ABC Trust was set up in 2012 to help those less fortunate. Much of the focus of the charity’s work has been on helping impoverished children in Uganda. 

There is no state-funded welfare provision in Uganda, which is still struggling to recover from the ravages of the Idi Amin era. In addition to the problems resulting from the civil war, the country, like others in Africa, has suffered terribly as a consequence of HIV and AIDS. Although the government has invested heavily in public health education, with considerable success, thousands of children have been orphaned as a result of this disaster.

Kyasira Home of Hope is run by four Religious Sisters from the Order of the Good Samaritan, whose mission is to care for the most needy. They refer to the children as their “sons” and “daughters” and provide a loving environment for them.


In 2012 Buckley Jewellery founded the ABC Trust, where donations have overseen the construction, funding, and opening of both a school and an orphanage in Kyasira, Uganda. 


Adrian assisted in planting trees around the home, to encourage a positive living environment. 


In 2014 Adrian gave a huge thank you to DFNI and everyone who helped raise over £50,000 -£85,000. The money raised, assisted in building a school to go alongside The Kyasira Home of Hope.

“Around six months ago I received an email, which I assumed was an invitation to purchase a table. But I was bowled over to find Amanda and the team at DFNI were offering to use the ball to raise funds for the ABC Trust.” 


Alongside, providing a home for the children, Adrian wanted to support the children in their education. Therefore, towards the end of 2015, there was a lot of anticipation for the opening of the school. Adrian invested resources in supplying the children with school equipment. 


In 2016, the money raised through the ABC Trust was used to build and furnish a new school building. On opening day, there were 71 children registered for the first term, which only encouraged more to enroll. In the school's success, the ABC Trust was able to raise more money and provide the children with new uniforms and advanced equipment.

“It will allow the orphans to be educated free of charge, and the locals who apply to attend the school will be paying fees so it will be sustainable in the long term.” 


After the developments at the home and school, Adrian looked to invest in a new kitchen, dining room, and dormitories. All of which promoted safe and better living conditions for the children. 


Unfortunately, the home was flooded by Lake Victoria in 2020, which left 62 children vulnerable. However, Adrian worked with locals to accommodate the children and invest resources back into the home.


Adrian sought nearby land, bought seeds to sow crops, and invested in tractors to maintain the growth of these crops. The crops were either sold for further resources or used to cook food for the children, which prevented food scarcity and encouraged self-sufficiency at home. 



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