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All of our jewellery is designed in-house in the UK by our design team.  They love creating beautiful pieces you will enjoy wearing for years to come. That’s why all of our items come with a two-year international warranty. View our warranty details here

Our jewellery is classified as ‘costume jewellery’, which means the item is plated with a precious metal, (gold, rhodium, silver or rose gold). The details of each item’s plating can be found in the item’s description on our website. Costume jewellery requires a little extra care to keep its original shine and condition. Please make sure you follow our 5 golden rules :

  1. The most important way to care for costume jewellery is to keep it away from anything that could cause the plating to react. This includes soap, perfume, moisturiser, washing-up liquid, cosmetics; and anything containing chemicals that will tarnish the finish of the item. Salt water and chlorine have the same effect, avoid wearing your jewellery whilst bathing and swimming.
  2. Store your jewellery individually. Ideally, keep items in their original boxes, or if stored in a jewellery box, make sure they aren’t touching other items. Storing jewellery next to other items can cause chipping, scratching or stone loss. Don’t leave your jewellery uncovered as this leaves it exposed to chemicals in the air such as air fresheners and perfumes.
  3. Don’t sleep in your jewellery, this can be extremely damaging if you do it frequently. Your body releases chemicals from the skin during the night and this can cause the plating of costume jewellery to change colour and tarnish. Stone loss, scratching and even breakage can happen overnight. Treat jewellery like your make-up and take it off before you get into bed.
  4. If you want to keep your jewellery shining bright you can give it a gentle polish with a very soft, clean cloth. This will help to keep your costume jewellery free from substances and restore shine. Try not to get your jewellery wet, and never use detergents or cleaners on your items. 
  5. Be nice to your jewellery and give it some time off every now and then. Costume jewellery isn’t designed to be worn 24/7, and doing so may mean that you’re reducing the life and shine of your item. Your jewellery will last longer and look better if you wear it less frequently.

If you feel you’ve followed these steps but still have a problem with your item, get in touch via our Contact Form to see how we can help.



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